[Openswan Users] pluto aborted

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Thu Feb 10 00:35:31 CET 2005

David Spear wrote:

> Not sure if maybe I should be posting to another newsgroup, as this
> appears to be more of a PPP issue but:

This is in fact an L2TP issue so the l2tpd mailing list may be
more appropriate.

> "noauth"
> I am hoping/guessing that this would override any settings in
> /etc/l2tpd/l2tpd.conf

I think it does, but the problem reported below is unrelated.

> Feb  9 13:39:08 explorer pppd[20779]: no device specified and stdin is
> not a tty
> what is causing this?  I am guessing maybe a missing /dev/ppp or
> /dev/ppp0 to write to?

The problem is that l2tpd uses BSD legacy ptys (/dev/ttyp0, /dev/ttyp1
etc.) and you are probably using Fedora Core 2/3 or Mandrake 10.1 whose
default kernels do not support legacy ptys anymore. These kernels only
support Unix98 style ptys (i.e. /dev/ptmx, /dev/pts/3, /dev/pts/4 etc.)

There are several options:

- Recompile the default kernel and enable 'Legacy (BSD) PTY support'
- Switch from l2tpd to another L2TP implementation with support for
   Unix98 style ptys such as rp-l2tp.
- Add an experimental patch to l2tpd.

Regarding the last option, there is one such patch at:
but the Unix98 pty functions grantpt(), unlockpt() and ptsname()
generate 'implicit declaration' warnings. There was another patch
posted to the l2tpd-devel mailinglist that avoided these functions
and uses ioctl()'s instead. This patch did not work for me because
the pty name was not passed to pppd. I modified it slightly and
now it seems to work but it has not been tested rigorously.

Sorry to bother you with these details...

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