[Openswan Users] Cisco Concentrator Stumped

Eaton, Andy Andy at seas.wustl.edu
Wed Feb 2 19:13:45 CET 2005

I set out to get a tunnel up from a Debian SG to a Cisco 3030
concentrator several days ago.  The debian machine is running 
kernel 2.6.8 because that is the latest kernel I could compile and get
to work on the box.  Therefore I am also trying to use
klips. I have several issues:
	1.  If I rmmod af_key esp4 ah4 ipcomp, ipsec --version shows I
am using klips but as soon as I start a tunnel or delete a tunnel
I go directly back to netkey.  Documentation says it is unstable in
everything before 2.6.9.
	2.  No matter what I set the debug levels to in ipsec.conf, I
never get any logs in messages or syslog
or anywhere else.
	3.  I am completely stuck at State Main I1.  I realize that it
is posted all over that port 500 needs to be open on the
Debian SG.  I have tested this with nmap from the same vlan that the
3030 is in back to the SG.  500 is open on the SG.
4. I have been bringing up the tunnel as follows:
Ipsec auto --add conc
Ipsec auto --up conc
After the second command, ipsec hangs and doesn't do anything.  I see
the following only if I issue ipsec auto -delete conc:

Debian-Gateway:/# ipsec auto --add conc
Debian-Gateway:/# ipsec auto --up conc -----hangs for forever so ctrl-c
Debian-Gateway:/# ipsec auto --delete conc
003 "conc" #1: ASSERTION FAILED at state.c:308: st->st_suspended_md->st
== st
000 "conc" #1: interface lo/lo ::1
000 "conc" #1: interface lo/lo
000 "conc" #1: interface eth0/eth0
000 "conc" #1: interface eth2/eth2
000 "conc" #1: interface vlan2/vlan2
000 "conc" #1: interface vlan3/vlan3
000 "conc" #1: interface vlan4/vlan4
000 "conc" #1: interface vlan5/vlan5
000 "conc" #1: %myid = (none)
000 "conc" #1: debug
000 "conc" #1:  
000 "conc" #1: algorithm ESP encrypt: id=2, name=ESP_DES, ivlen=8,
keysizemin=64, keysizemax=64
000 "conc" #1: algorithm ESP encrypt: id=3, name=ESP_3DES, ivlen=8,
keysizemin=192, keysizemax=192
000 "conc" #1: algorithm ESP encrypt: id=7, name=ESP_BLOWFISH, ivlen=8,
keysizemin=40, keysizemax=448
000 "conc" #1: algorithm ESP encrypt: id=11, name=ESP_NULL, ivlen=0,
keysizemin=0, keysizemax=0
000 "conc" #1: algorithm ESP encrypt: id=12, name=ESP_AES, ivlen=8,
keysizemin=128, keysizemax=256
000 "conc" #1: algorithm ESP encrypt: id=252, name=ESP_SERPENT, ivlen=8,
keysizemin=128, keysizemax=256
000 "conc" #1: algorithm ESP encrypt: id=253, name=ESP_TWOFISH, ivlen=8,
keysizemin=128, keysizemax=256
000 "conc" #1: algorithm ESP auth attr: id=1,
name=AUTH_ALGORITHM_HMAC_MD5, keysizemin=128, keysizemax=128
000 "conc" #1: algorithm ESP auth attr: id=2,
name=AUTH_ALGORITHM_HMAC_SHA1, keysizemin=160, keysizemax=160
000 "conc" #1: algorithm ESP auth attr: id=5,
name=AUTH_ALGORITHM_HMAC_SHA2_256, keysizemin=256, keysizemax=256
000 "conc" #1: algorithm ESP auth attr: id=251, name=(null),
keysizemin=0, keysizemax=0
000 "conc" #1:  
000 "conc" #1: algorithm IKE encrypt: id=7, name=OAKLEY_AES_CBC,
blocksize=16, keydeflen=128
000 "conc" #1: algorithm IKE encrypt: id=5, name=OAKLEY_3DES_CBC,
blocksize=8, keydeflen=192
000 "conc" #1: algorithm IKE hash: id=2, name=OAKLEY_SHA1, hashsize=20
000 "conc" #1: algorithm IKE hash: id=1, name=OAKLEY_MD5, hashsize=16
000 "conc" #1: algorithm IKE dh group: id=2, name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP1024,
000 "conc" #1: algorithm IKE dh group: id=5, name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP1536,
000 "conc" #1: algorithm IKE dh group: id=14,
name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP2048, bits=2048
000 "conc" #1: algorithm IKE dh group: id=15,
name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP3072, bits=3072
000 "conc" #1: algorithm IKE dh group: id=16,
name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP4096, bits=4096
000 "conc" #1: algorithm IKE dh group: id=17,
name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP6144, bits=6144
000 "conc" #1: algorithm IKE dh group: id=18,
name=OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP8192, bits=8192
000 "conc" #1:  
000 "conc" #1: stats db_ops.c: {curr_cnt, total_cnt, maxsz}
:context={0,0,0} trans={0,0,0} attrs={0,0,0} 
000 "conc" #1:  
000 "conc" #1: "conc":[@]---
2.21.62---; unrouted; eroute owner: #0
000 "conc" #1: "conc":     srcip=unset; dstip=unset
000 "conc" #1: "conc":   ike_life: 3600s; ipsec_life: 28800s;
rekey_margin: 540s; rekey_fuzz: 100%; keyingtries: 0
000 "conc" #1: "conc":   policy: PSK+ENCRYPT+COMPRESS+TUNNEL+PFS+UP;
prio: 24,24; interface: eth0; 
000 "conc" #1: "conc":   newest ISAKMP SA: #0; newest IPsec SA: #0; 
000 "conc" #1: "conc":   ESP algorithms wanted: 3_000-1, flags=-strict
000 "conc" #1: "conc":   ESP algorithms loaded: 3_000-1, flags=-strict
000 "conc" #1:  
000 "conc" #1: #1: "conc" STATE_MAIN_I1 (sent MI1, expecting MR1); none
in -1s; nodpd
000 "conc" #1:  

My ipsec.conf looks like:
version 2.0

config setup

conn conc 

I will say that if I change leftid to something other than what the
concentrator has for this connection it will complain that 
there is no peer group for the session.  Otherwise, I don't see any logs
there at all.  

I would have thought this was going to be a little more straight forward
but maybe not.

Any help appreciate, I have done quite a bit of RTFM'ing so if there is
something else I need to look at let me know.  Most of
the web pages on the site for Cisco are broken links.

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Eaton

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