[Openswan Users] Pluto Error

sasa sasa at shoponweb.it
Fri Dec 9 13:38:36 CET 2005

on the other end point in secure log I have:

initiating Quick Mode RSASIG+ENCRYPT+TUNNEL+PFS+UP {using isakmp#1}
Dec  9 13:23:08 fw1 pluto[23188]: "na-mi" #3: byte 2 of ISAKMP Hash Payload 
must be zero, but is not
Dec  9 13:23:08 fw1 pluto[23188]: "na-mi" #3: malformed payload in packet
Dec  9 13:23:08 fw1 pluto[23188]: "na-mi" #3: sending notification 
Dec  9 13:23:16 fw1 pluto[23188]: "na-mi" #1: Informational Exchange message 
must be encrypted

..what can I do ??

..but I can replacement of 'rsasig' I can use the 'psk' like authentication 
mode ??
thanks again.


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From: "Paul Wouters" <paul at xelerance.com>
To: "sasa" <sasa at shoponweb.it>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2005 5:06 PM
Subject: Re: [Openswan Users] Pluto Error

> On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, sasa wrote:
>> Hi, pheraps can be interesting, on both end-point I have this error:
>> 000 #2289: "na-mi":500 STATE_QUICK_I1 (sent QI1, expecting QR1);
>> EVENT_RETRANSMIT in 1s; lastdpd=-1s(seq in:0 out:0)
> You need to look at the original error. These are just retransmits of both
> of them saying 'sorry cannot do, try again'.
> Paul

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