[Openswan Users] ISAKMP SA versus IPSEC SA

Jerry Kaidor jerry at tr2.com
Thu Dec 8 07:45:21 CET 2005


    I note that when trying to get a Win2K roadwarrier - NAT -
Linux/Openswan link running ( haven't succeeded yet ) I keep getting
errors in the /var/log/secure to the general gist of "Can't find a
connection definition that matches these two peers", when it's trying
to set up the IPSEC SA.  Yet the ISAKMP SA has already been set up
with the existing connection definitions.

   What is it that an IPSEC SA requires in connection defs that an ISAKMP
SA does not?

   Also, could anybody point me at a document that explains the general
process of setting up an IPSEC connection, from a protocol standpoint?


                       - Jerry Kaidor ( jerry at tr2.com )

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