[Openswan Users] OpenSWAN as Xauth client + RSA certs?

Marc Spiegelman marc at itu.net
Wed Dec 7 17:17:53 CET 2005

I haven't used XAuth client with RSA but I configure XAuth server + RSA
(on 2.4.x) all the time.

The only difference in the config would be [left/right]xauthclient=yes
Instead of [left/right]xauthserver=yes

The IP assignment part depends on mode-config which I haven't used.

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Is this possible? It's not clear from the docs or from mailing list 
archives- most of the examples are with PSKs. I'm trying to connect to a

Netscreen with RSA certs+Xauth so users can have IPs automatically 
assigned from a pool depending on their user type (as defined in their 

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