[Openswan Users] pluto restarting

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Mon Dec 5 17:42:42 CET 2005

On Mon, 5 Dec 2005, Michael Tinsay wrote:

>  Currently I have   three sites connected, all using Openswan 2.2.1, Trustix Secure Linux  2.2, and Kernel 2.4.31, where Sites B and C are connected to Site A (no  tunnel from B to C).  All have static IPs.
>  I'm  attempting to connect another site (Site D) to Site A.  But this  site has a dynamic IP.  There are no available fixed IP provider  in the area.  After setting up the ipsec.conf in Sites A and Sites  D, everytime I try to startup the connection, Site D is able to create  a tunnel, but hangs/remains at STATE_QUICK_I1.  Looking at  /var/log/secure in Site A's server, it always indicates that pluto is  restarting.  Attached are the relevant entries in /var/log/secure.

> Dec  5 11:57:33 SiteA_VPN pluto[8537]: "SiteD"[1] siteB.x.y.z #10: #1: "SiteB"
> STATE_MAIN_I4 (ISAKMP SA established); EVENT_SA_REPLACE in 2828s; newest
> Dec  5 11:57:43 SiteA_VPN ipsec__plutorun: Restarting Pluto subsystem...
> Dec  5 11:57:43 SiteA_VPN pluto[8789]: Starting Pluto (Openswan Version 2.2.1
> X.509-1.5.4 PLUTO_USES_KEYRR)
> Dec  5 11:57:43 SiteA_VPN pluto[8789]:   including NAT-Traversal patch
> (Version 0.6c)

Please upgrade to openswan-2.4.4. If the problem remains, please enable:

and give us a gdb backtrace of the core file in /tmp/


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