[Openswan Users] How do i make "hideNat" on Linux/openswan?

Steinmetz, Heiko Heiko.Steinmetz at ips-software.de
Mon Aug 8 15:18:17 CEST 2005


i have the following problem:
i want to etablish a vpn connection between two sites, and one site must be hidden.
This is an one-side vpn connection.

 Net ( <--> FW(VPN openswan, <-- Internet --> FW Partner ( <--> Foreign Net (

Our firewall must be hideNat to IP Address The foreignNet don't see the net

How i make our config file?

conn netme-to-netpartner
        # Left security gateway, subnet behind it, next hop toward left.
        # Right security gateway, subnet behind it, next hop toward right.
        # To authorize this connection, but not actually start it, at startup,
        # uncomment this.

The tunnel etablished successfully, but i can't route annything, since we hideNat to

How do i make "hideNat" on Linux/openswan?


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