[Openswan Users] Client----nat------intenet----nat----client Openswan 2.3.1 doesnt work?

Rodrigo nobregasz at yahoo.com.br
Tue Apr 26 08:08:55 CEST 2005

Hi, im using Openswan with a rowadwarrior connection.

All was worknig fine with client behind NAT or not (the server was 
always behind NAT) using Openswan 2.3.1 dr4
( client---- NAT -- internet---- NAT----- server) work
(client ----------internet-----NAT ---- -server) work

afteer upgrade to Openswan 2.3.1 i couldn't connect client behind NAT 
but, without NAT on client all work fine.
( client---- NAT -- internet---- NAT----- server) doesnt work
(client ----------internet-----NAT ---- -server) work

now, i back to Openswan 2.3.1 dr4 and all work fine again.

so... is this a Bug??

im using TheGrennBow Vpn client with Windows XP SP2

Tks all for help to do it work.

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