[Openswan Users] Freeswan -> Openswan upgrade, vpn not working

Glen Eustace geustace at godzone.net.nz
Sun Apr 24 10:45:20 CEST 2005

I have been using RH73, the modified kernel
kernel-2.4.20- and super-
freeswan-1.99.8-2foo.src.rpm for a couple of years.  After some initial
hiccups getting it to work with Checkpoint 1 it has been doing the job

Last night, I updated our firewall to FC3, the kernel is 2.6.11-1.14_FC3
with openswan-2.1.5-2.FC3.1

I have left the config pretty much as it was, I simply added the version
line and the one to disable OE.

>From what I can see in the logs, the tunnel is comes up OK but I can not
get a response from the other end when pinging the destination.  This
used to work with the old setup. Being Sunday here, I cannot talk to the
Bank to see what is happening at their end.

Is there some fundamental change I have missed when going from super-
freeswan to openswan that is preventing things from working ?

If anyone is available to help me, it would be much appreciated.

Glen and Rosanne Eustace,
GodZone Internet Services, a division of AGRE Enterprises Ltd.,
P.O. Box 8020, Palmerston North, New Zealand 5301
Ph/Fax: +64 6 357 8168, Mob: +64 27 5 424 015, Web: www.godzone.net.nz

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