[Openswan Users] x509 and OpenSWAN

geoffrey geoffrey at ticom.com
Mon Apr 4 18:06:37 CEST 2005

Is there somewhere that documents all of the x509 stuff (i.e. 
configuration options, etc.) for the OpenSWAN v2.x.x series? I have read 
Nate Carlson's webpage about using x509 certs and OpenSWAN and have a 
decent understanding of what is going on, but somethings are never 
explained. For example, what is the meaning of the following:


I understand that it is a declaration of virtual private network 
segments, but why is it used? How will it affect the routing? On a 
related note, what is the meaning of this?


What does the %no mean? I'm guessing the %priv means that the 
rightsubnet will fall under one of those previously declared subnets, 
yes? If my local subnet is, do I need to exclude it in 
the virtual_private declaration? How would I do so? Thanks for any clues.


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