[Openswan Users] L2TP using wrong connection

Matthias Haas mh at pompase.net
Fri Apr 1 20:09:25 CEST 2005

As you can see in the logfile I added the connection is active and 
therefore should be loaded.
Is Andreas Steffen the guy from strongswan? Should I contact him directly?


Jacco de Leeuw schrieb:

>> In my case the config files and certificates are generated and therefore
>> the cert files can be empty. As long as there is no valid certificate in
>> the file it has the same effect. This means it must not ba empty. It is
>> sufficient to have just a broken certificate to make the associated
>> connection a wildcarded one. I think this increases the level of 
>> threat to
>> this issue.
> I see. Are you sure the connection with the empty cert is loaded?
> Check with 'ipsec auto --status'. You would assume that it is simply
> rejected. Perhaps you could contact Andreas Steffen about this issue.
> Jacco

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