[Openswan Users] Problem with conn %default

Jan Madsen Jan at im-teknik.dk
Thu Sep 30 09:34:07 CEST 2004

I have followed a couble different guides / howto set up ipsec.conf
And I all of the guides they uses a 
Conn %default
Line. When I'm using this in OpenSWAN 2.2.0 the ipsec comes with an error
when I start the ipsec

ipsec_setup: auto=manual search: (/etc/ipsec.conf, line 40) "conn %default"
sections must precede non-default ones
ipsec_setup: unable to determine what conns to manual --up; none done

If I change the name of conn %default --> conn test
The ipsec starts with out error.

Do any one know what I'm doing wrong

Best regards
Jan Madsen
Im_Teknik & Data
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