[Openswan Users] Ping and Routing

Luis Rodrigues luis.rodrigues at netgraf.com
Wed Sep 29 11:24:24 CEST 2004

This was a stupid question, i'm woking on this project with a coleague, and
he added a bunch of bogus routes, that were messing things up. The ping goes
trough now. 

But i have another problem. This VPN setup is to connect several Windows
LAN's, and altough i can ping all the LAN's i cant get anything else trough
the tunnel. When i try to access another computer on the LAN, with NET USE,
for example, it doesn't work. Do I need some special forward firewall rules
or something like that, to get it to work?? Because all setup is exactly the
same as it was with freeswan 1.99. 

What's up with this?

PS:- Tiago, não experimentei o SmoothWall, porque o Linux que tenho não faz
só IPSec VPN's,tem muito mais serviços a correr, mas obrigado pela sugestão!

Luis Rodrigues

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Já experimentaste o SmoothWall?

No forum há uma série de módulos que melhoram em muito o produto original

e um desses módulos, o VPN IPSec pack é bastante potente; tem a limitação de
não suportar chaves RSA e certificados X.509

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