[Openswan Users] ipsec up, but not always transferring

Daniel Fenert daniel at fenert.net
Wed Sep 22 11:00:37 CEST 2004

I have some strange problem, network setup is like this:

Windows98   -- R3 ---(internet)---- R1      -- LinuxSambaServer
IPs: (3.10)   (3.1)                (0.250)    (0.1)

Windows98 is just some client machine, R1 and R3 are Linux routers running
openswan, LinuxSambaServer is Linux Samba Server ;)

After turning Windows98 machine off for some time (i tried for 1 night and 
1 hour), there goes no packet from to
When I run tcpdump on ipsec0 on R3 i can see the packets are going but 
nothing is returning.
When I run tcpdump on ipsec0 on R1 the packets are starting to flow and I can
'ping' from, when I stop tcpdump on R1, the packets
again are dropped somewhere!
When I run this tcpdump for some time (few minutes) and stop it, the packets
are still flowing and I can normally connect to network without
problems, but still after turning Windows98 machine off for a few hours, the
problem is back there.

What can be the cause of such strange behaviour?

I tried just restarting Windows machine, but after quick restart nothing
changes (if connection worked - it still works, if the packets where missing
there're still missing after reboot).

While working:
traceroute from server:
1  0.335 ms  0.188 ms  0.172 ms
2  * * *
3  72.411 ms  59.457 ms  65.683 ms

from windows
2. * * *

Both routers use: Openswan IPsec 1.0.7rc1, kernel 2.4.27

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