[Openswan Users] -!- SOLVED -!-

neptuno neptuno at ilhadamagia.trix.net
Fri Sep 17 21:12:30 CEST 2004

Its working like a charm. Now i can take my vacations in indonesia:)
Thanks Paul for supporting. Thanks user at openswan.org mailling list.

Thanks openswan to exist. Congratulation for your parallel work.

The main problem was that im using klips2.0.6 from freeswan (only make 
menumod) at an 2.6 linux kernel.
I didnt disabled complete ipsec stuff from native stock, just pf_key 
sockets at all, so part of code are conflicting and weirdness happens.

Now im using full native ipsec, just programs from openswan, and 
everything is working perfect(including 10MB of transfer from an smb 
server from other subnet, mtu's are ok, i think;) . Obvious:)

Juliano Krieger from Brazil!

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