[Openswan Users] Testconfig with Openswan 2.1.5 on Suse 9.1 not working

t.henneberger at hcs-computer.de t.henneberger at hcs-computer.de
Fri Sep 17 13:58:05 CEST 2004

> On Fri, 17 Sep 2004 Paul wrote:
> DO NOT use manual keying. You should be using the 'ipsec auto' command for
> bringing up any connections (or use auto=start and just restart the service)
> What is the authentication method you want to use? you do not specify
> anything here? I don't see any rsakeys or PSKs or certificate information.

I want to start the most basic connection there is to test if ipsec is
running etc..

I would like to establish a connection with a simple preshared key,
so I would have to use manual keying, right?

Maybe there are some basic examples on the net for the following config:

Win2k at establishing a VPN Connection to Suse 9.1 on with a Presharedkey. 

Oh btw, please don't think I am using this mailinglist as simple shortcut,... I read tons of howtos, googled for hours on end, but I don't seem to find what I need. Most examples are for older versions, or x.509, or with thousands of hops in between etc..

Thanks for your help!!!

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