[Openswan Users] Tricky routing question

Ralf Guenthner gue at alphatel.de
Mon Sep 6 15:38:06 CEST 2004


thank you very much for your reply. Shame on me, I hadn't even heard 
about the ISCS project as of yet <s>

I've looked through the training slides. So far I've not found the one 
pertaining to my situation, could you elaborate on which one you meant? 
Sorry, if I'm being blind here..

Also, one sentence in your reply isn't quite clear to me:

> subnets.  This will have the advantage/disadvantage of running the
> Internet traffic through the VPN.

What Internet traffic is this referring to? RWs are not supposed to surf 
the Web or do other Internet stuff while connected to our VPN, for 
security reasons.

Thanks again

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