[Openswan Users] VPN over WLAN to IPCop

Piers Kittel debian at biased.org
Thu Sep 2 11:02:41 CEST 2004

The only change on the IPCop side I made was "pfs=no" and rebooted VPN
via the web interface and it works just fine with Windows.  All changes
I've explained is on the Roadwarrior but it still won't connect to IPCop

Cheers - Piers

Trevor Benson wrote:
> I can say it does work, because I use IPCop 1.4 betas to do just this.
> Although they have a system that scripts all the changes to your file
> and a custom build binary to start and stop services correctly.  
> Unfortunately you can run into some weird issues if you just try the
> stock methods to bring up and down connections after modifying
> configuration files by hand, or running command line without using the
> built in scripts or binaries.  
> I am also sending this to the IPCop Devel mailing list, which is
> probably the fastest way to figure out how to do this on IPCop, because
> of the extra binaries that perform additional steps on the system.
> Trevor

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