[Openswan Users] VPN and a third remote gateway, possible?

i4 Dan Scannell daniels at i4technologies.net
Wed Sep 1 22:12:07 CEST 2004


I've been playing around with Openswan between offices, works great.

However, at OfficeOne I have a separate router which connects a regional
centre, OfficeTwo, via a leaseline on a separate network address.  Can I
access this from Office3 via the VPN?

BTW, I cannot connect to Office2 (through a VPN) directly from Office3.

Office2 <= Leaseline => Office1 <= VPN => Office3
192.168.2.x                         192.168.1.x

Office2 / Office1 can ping each other
Office3 / Office1 can ping each other
Office2 / Office3 does not work, middle man is probably causing problems.

Should I specify another VPN tunnel between Office1 and Office3 to carry
192.168.2.x ? and pray it works?

I read somewhere, probably the FAQ, that tunnels only carry packets for the
network/subnet they've been set-up for.  So the command I've been testing at
Office3 simply won't work.

route add -net subnet gw -i ipsec0


route add -net subnet gw InternetIP -i ipsec0

Take about the blind leading the blind ;)

Kind regards,


P.S, I didn't select the address range, the muppets who set-up the
IBM system did it.

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