[Openswan Users] OpensWan and Iptables

Giovanni gio_ton at tiscali.it
Tue Oct 26 11:53:12 CEST 2004

I'don't understand how to configure the firewall "iptables" adequately so
that it accepts the packets which come from wan and are destineted to lan.

My VPN has like server:

Kernel 2.6.9

Openswan 2.2.0

IpTables 1.2.11


As I think the interface IPSEC don't exist, I don't know how to recognize
the packets which arrive from my VPN connection  and accept them and how to
distinguish the packets which arrive from Internet  and decline them. 

At the moment  when the firewall is operative,  pings which come from my
client on VPN are all "DROP" by firewall.

I have already added policy for AH,ESP,IKE  on firewall, so that the
connceciton is accepted  and established, but then all my requests towards
my LAN are blocked by firewall.






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