[Openswan Users] Rekeying issue with Windows XP client

Juha Pietikäinen juha.pietikainen at connet.net
Mon Oct 25 12:44:05 CEST 2004

I have natted Windows XP Pro (SP2) client which have problems 
with rekeying. Connection works fine except when rekeying happens 
it disconnects. This happens 60 minutes after the connection is 

Windows XP:s L2TP/IPsec clients defaultpolicy uses IKE lifetime 
of 3600 seconds. Server settings doesn't seem to effect to 

The problem is nat-specific because I have other non-natted XP
client without a problem. 

I am using x.509 certificates.

I have Fedora core 1 server running with Openswan 2.2.0 and l2tpd 

By the way, there are dead links at wiki:


Other interop notes:

Some other implementations will close a connection with Openswan 
after some time. This may be a problem with rekey lifetimes. 
Please see this tip and this workaround.

Both "this tip" and "this workaround" have bad links.

Does anybody know about those tips?

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