[Openswan Users] problem with openswan vs zywall and openswan vs pgpnet

Georg Hitsch georg at hitsch.at
Fri Oct 22 18:18:30 CEST 2004


I am using openswan 2.2.0-4 (debian) and have the following problem:

ODBC-connections (MS-SQL 7.0) over openswan did not work, when the remote 
is Zywall or PGPnet.

With openswan-openswan it works without problems.

I did have before freeswan-freeswan, freeswan-zywall and freeswan-pgpnet, 
and ODBC worked in all cases without any problems.

(I also use kernel-patch-openswan 2.2.0-4)

Everything is done with PSK

Is this a know issue - or does anybody has (had) same problems, or a 
solution for that?

Please reply to my email-adress (georg at hitsch.at) as I am not regulary 
subscribed to this list.

Thank you!!!

 Georg Hitsch     ++ mail: georg at hitsch.at
 ripe: gh231-ripe ++ web:  http://ge.org/

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