AW: [Openswan Users] udp/4500 (NAT-T) blocking by my (common?)WLAN-Router - fixed

Andreas Kemper kem at
Sun Oct 24 18:50:22 CEST 2004


> It isn't clear to me if your client is connected directly to
> the router or if they are connected over the Internet. In the
> latter case, perhaps your ISP is blocking VPN ports? They
(Gaah, I'm such an idiot...) Actually the DSL-provider does't block at all,
but even worse, I myself set-up the firewall of the institute, where the
gateway is located, to allow only ESP and udp/50... ;-(

> sometimes do that to promote their more expensive "business"
> subscriptions... 
No definitely not. The is a specific student offer and I know
these guys and their network pretty well.

>> SMC 2808 WBR (previously the 802.11b-only version, which seemed to
>> have the same problem)
> You mean the SMC 2804 WBR, right? My user group has one of
> those. If time allows I will try to connect through it.
Yes, but according to my previous statements I'm now very sure, that this
device is not the problem. Neverthless, I was already wondering, why I
couldn't find any ICMP-messages from the WLAN-router.

Thanks a lot for the implicit hint...


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