[Openswan Users] Can somebody please help me get started?

Joseph Commisso commisj at cs.sunyit.edu
Thu Oct 21 16:21:33 CEST 2004


Can you tell me exactly which file(s) you worked on, so that I may try it?


Joe Commisso

On Thu, 21 Oct 2004, Eberhard von Kitzing wrote:

> At 12:19 Uhr -0400 21.10.2004, Joseph Commisso wrote:
> >Oct 21 10:47:07 henry ipsec: ipsec_setup: (/etc/ipsec.conf, line 16)
> >unknown parameter name "plutoload" -- `start' aborted
> I had the same problem. This keyword apparently is no longer used. I
> omitted all terms that gave such messages. After correcting some
> further mistakes I am at least in the position to build up the
> connection.
> Eberhard

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