[Openswan Users] PPP LCP Issues

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Wed Oct 20 15:03:11 CEST 2004

Daniel Bartlett wrote:

>>>This is a Windows XP Pro SP2 connecting to a Fedora Core 2 Server 
>>>running OpenSwan 2.2.0 using x509 certificates.
> EAP is because of the use of x509 Certificates. 
> Occasionally I have tried turning PAP on (sever side) and the connection
> drops with password incorrect (I guess that it is sending my domain
> password)

I'd suggest to try it with PAP/CHAP first and once you get it working
add extra complexity such as EAP.

If you get PAP/CHAP errors simply add the username and password to
/etc/ppp/pap-secrets or chap-secrets respectively. If you are using
a domain you can add something like "\\DOMAINNAME\username". Or disable
the option "Include Windows logon domain".

> I have enabled the debugging, but all I can see is requests like: 
> ...Configure-Req...
> ...
> ...Configure-Reject...

OK, just checking if there was a firewall blocking packets. Did you have
any luck disabling (MPPE) encryption, (MPPC) compression or LCP extensions?

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