[Openswan Users] WinXP SP2 Installation breaks x.509 ipsec functionality

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Thu Oct 14 23:39:33 CEST 2004


Interesting, having the same issue.

Windows XP SP1 non NAT, fine no problems.

Windows XP SP1 NAT (with MS NAT-T update) using L2TP/IPSec X509 certs
works flawless.  Connect, reconnect all day long.

Windows XP SP2 non NAT (Modem Dial-up to ISP no firewall shriek!) works

Windows XP SP2 NAT logs in fine once;

  20:37:10 pluto[20850] "TBROAM"[14] 82.69.x.x:14151 #28: IPsec SA

  << Packets traverse with no problems >>

  okay, great, now disconnect.  Reconnecting brings up the message

  20:39:19 pluto[20850] "TBROAM"[15] 82.69.x.x #29:
  "encrypted Informational Exchange message is invalid because it is for
incomplete ISAKMP SA"

Googling for the logged message clearly points at the XP workstation.

<Scratch head>


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