[Openswan Users]

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Sat Oct 16 22:23:10 CEST 2004

On Sat, 16 Oct 2004, Brent Clark wrote:

> What i need to do is setup a dialup (Which I already have and works, uses 2.6 
> kernel), gateway that makes use of NAT traversal.
> I suppose like a road warrior client, but with NAT.
> What I would like to know, before I venture on this mission to understand and 
> quickly get this up and running.
> 1) is the doable?


> 2) Can I use the 2.6 kernel

Yes, but you'll have more problems, especially if not running the latest. Possible
problems are mtu problems, fragmentation problems, compression problems.

> 3) Do I have to patch the 2.6 kernel


> 4) Would I have more success with strongswan or superfreeswan than openswan.

superfreeswan does not support 2.6, and is obsoleted. Openswan-1 is 'superfreeswan'
in maintanance mode only. Openswan-2 is were development happens. Strongswan is a
fork of freeswan-2/openswan-2 with more or less identical features for those who are
relevant for you.

> 5) Would downgrading to the 2.4 kernel be better for me, and would I still 
> have to patch it. (Hope not, I like the 2.6 kernel)

It would be better. You would also need to patch it. But you can create the patch
with 'make nattpatch' from the openswan directory.


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