[Openswan Users] 2.6 kernel, with NAT and watchguard firefox, need to be roadwarrior with NAT

Brent Clark bclark at blink.homelinux.com
Sat Oct 16 19:40:52 CEST 2004

Hi all im very much new to openswan and VPN technologie, infact 30 
minutes new.

Im under a bit of pressure to get a vpn tunnel to one of my remote lans 
(In the UK, im in ZA)
The remote LAN uses a Watchguard firefox with preshared keys.

What i need to do is setup a dialup (Which I already have and works, 
uses 2.6 kernel), gateway that makes use of NAT traversal.
I suppose like a road warrior client, but with NAT.

What I would like to know, before I venture on this mission to 
understand and quickly get this up and running.
1) is the doable?
2) Can I use the 2.6 kernel
3) Do I have to patch the 2.6 kernel
4) Would I have more success with strongswan or superfreeswan than openswan.
5) Would downgrading to the 2.4 kernel be better for me, and would I 
still have to patch it. (Hope not, I like the 2.6 kernel)

If someone can assist in anyway with a link, URL, anything really, I 
would be most appreciate it.

Kind Regards and thanks in advance
Brent Clark

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