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Tue Oct 12 14:29:34 CEST 2004

> On Mon, 2004-10-11 at 11:55, tomk at runbox.com wrote:
> > For anyone in a rush, here's the question: If I set up a host-to-net
> > VPN between Host A on Network A and all machines on Network B, does it
> > only carry traffic with those particular source and destination
> > parameters? Or can it also carry traffic  originating from Host A and
> > going to destinations beyond Network B?
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> > Was my original expectation incorrect? If so, is there something I can
> > do to enable all traffic from the laptop to use the tunnel?
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> Yes, the tunnel will only carry what you tell it to carry.  If you've
> only told it to carry traffic for, that's all it will
> do.  If you want all traffic to flow through the tunnel, you could make
> the target subnet rather than  I
> believe that's how we did our GNOC setup as described in the training
> slides on http://iscs.sourceforge.net).  Hope this helps - John
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Cheers John. I set up a second tunnel going to, and it's working perfectly - accessing my internal network, and everything else.
Love this list!

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