[Openswan Users] Debian packages needed.

David Clymer dclyme at hrcsb.org
Thu Oct 7 12:51:43 CEST 2004

Thus quoth Joost Kraaijeveld:
> From: Joost Kraaijeveld <J.Kraaijeveld at Askesis.nl>
> To: Paul Wouters <paul at xelerance.com>
> Cc: "Users Openswan (E-mail)" <users at openswan.org>
> Subject: RE: [Openswan Users] Debian packages needed.
> Hi all,
> My previous message was not without a reason: I succesfully set up an network to network tunnel with Debian Sarge and OpenSwan 2.1.1.-4. Repeating the same procedure by the letter/keystroke OpenSwan 2.1.3-1 is not possible (does not result in a working configuration). Apparently something changed. Don't know what, cannot find anything to read.

I've had the same experience. The new version requires that you enable
opportunistic encryption in order for it to work at all. The default is
to disable it. This behavior persists even if one upgrades to 2.2.x from


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