[Openswan Users] FW: Ipsec service breaks when the windows connection are closed.

jffr jffr at netcabo.pt
Thu Oct 7 11:05:06 CEST 2004

  I have a problem with a VPN (roadwarrior) connection between an windows XP Porfessional and my firewall with vpn support.
  I have installed L2TP, Openswan (with IPSEC), kernel 2.4.20 in a debian SO.

  First sorry for my bad english (I'm Portuguese), ok, the problem is:

   I create a connection with the vpn windows XP wizard then i configure it with  a few options. I stablish the vpn tunnel without any problems, in my windows i can launch an ssh console to a computer on my private network. The problem is when i close this connection on windows, the IPSEC service running in my linux firewall server (ipsec setup start) goes down and every connections to my sever are closed. I don't know if this is a configuration problem (in ipsec.conf) or a bug.

Any ideas ?

  Jorge Ribeiro.

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