[Openswan Users] routing between tunnels

Joost Kraaijeveld J.Kraaijeveld at Askesis.nl
Thu Nov 18 17:38:16 CET 2004

Hi Paul,

Paul Wouters schreef:
> These seen locally connected, so this experiment might not be
> representative for what you are trying to do. Perhaps you need to
> test using another box: 
Ah, I was not clear enough: there is a whole internet between the vigors and the VPN server. Both the vigors and the VPN server are directly connected to the internet with a public IP address

>> What should be the route I have to add to the Vigor routers / VPN
>> server to make it work? 
> With ipsec, you never 'add routes' manually. It conflicts
> with IPsec policies. VPN tunnels
> are not virtual ethernet cards.
OK. But how do I convince the Vigor routers to send all traffic for the 172.31 and 172.28/29 throught the tunnel? Mmmm. Maybe I should create two tunnels to the VPN server, 1 for each network. Will the OpenSwan VPN server do the appropriate routing (so that I get a star topology and not a mesh topology)?

Additional question: can I somehow see all incomming and outgoing IPSEC traffic on a Linux 2.6 kernel (something like "tcpdump -i eth2 | grep pattern")?


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