[Openswan Users] OpenS/WAN <-> freeS/WAN failure - routing problem?

Itai Tavor itai at iinet.net.au
Thu Nov 11 23:38:17 CET 2004

Hi Paul, thanks for helping.

On 11/11/2004, at 10:06 PM, Paul Wouters wrote:

> On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Itai Tavor wrote:
>> version 2.0     # conforms to second version of ipsec.conf 
>> specification
>> config setup
>>        interfaces=%defaultroute
>> conn Tir-Na-Nogth-IM
>>        right=%defaultroute
> I am not entirely sure if this works as expected.
> can you try to swap left and right in this conn, so that you have 
> left=%defaultroute ?

Don't understand this... you mean change every left to right and vice 
versa on this side? That does nothing, no change.

>> Checking NAT and MASQUERADEing
>> Checking tun0x1002 at from to 
>> ppp0_masq from to kills tunnel -> 
> Your NAT rules might break something though

I knew I forgot to mention something... both gateways run shorewall, 
and I get exactly the same ipsec problem with shorewall disabled on 
both sides.

>> # Connection from Tir-Na-Nog'th gateway
>> conn Tir-Na-Nogth-IM
>>        # Right - Tir-Na-Nog'th security gateway
>>        right=
> This is wrong. You mean right=%any

Ok, changed that, no change. BTW, ipsec.conf on both sides is unchanged 
from when it did work, which is why this situation is really strange.

>>        rightsubnet=
>>        rightnexthop=
> I would also either fill this in or leave it out entirely.

Removed rightnexthop, no change.

Still stuck... after bringing the tunnel up, "ping" from right 
just hangs, "ping" from left returns "From 
icmp_seq=0 Destination Host Unreachable"


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