[Openswan Users] Rekeying issue with Windows XP (SP2) & L2TP

Tarountaev Evgueni tarountaev at aist.com
Tue Nov 2 19:22:03 CET 2004

I have NON-NATTED Windows XP Pro (SP2) client which have problems with
rekeying. Connection works fine except when rekeying happens it disconnects.
This happens 60 minutes after the connection is established.

Looks like the problem is NOT nat-specific but NAT-traversal patch is
applied and active. 

I am using x.509 certificates.

I have Gentoo Linux server running with kernel 2.4.26, klips 2.1.4, Openswan
2.2.0 and l2tpd 0.69.

Can somebody give me any advice, because I am completely lost...

Evgueni Tarountaev

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