[Openswan Users] openswan 1.0.4 and windows roadwarriors with X509 and Nat-t

Sebastien Pastor spastor at center.com
Wed May 26 15:30:28 CEST 2004

Hi guys,

Some follow up about my pb :
I manage to do a "normal road warrior" connection, when the roadwarrior is NOT behind any NAT device and he uses X509 authentication
Furthermore if i change the authentication method and switch to PSK Every thing  WORKS !!! while behind a NAT device :-) so i am both happy and disapointed as the same time ....
I don t really want to use PSK but if i have no choice .... at least do u know if can use multiple PSK for different RoadWarriors ? (i don t think so but .... always worth to ask ...)


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  Hi guys,

   I saw many message regarding this pb but nowhere the solution !....
  I start to think there is none ...

  here is the error i got :

  vpn.myhost.org pluto[23523]: ERROR: recvfrom on eth0 failed; 
  Pluto cannot decode source sockaddr in rejection: unknown source. Errno 11: 
  Resource temporarily unavailable

  The IKE negotiation seems to go till State_main_R2 then pops up this error  ... I ve been looking for hours ... givin up ... Hope somehere out there can enlighten me.

  thanx in advance.

  Sebastien Pastor


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