[Openswan Users] ANNOUNCE: x509-1.5.2 for freeswan-2.05 released

Andreas Steffen andreas.steffen at strongsec.net
Sun Feb 15 10:15:36 CET 2004

openswan-2.0.0 contains version 1.4.8 of the X.509 patch which is dated
from November 2003. The latest version 1.5.2 of the X.509 patch adds a
full-fledged OCSP client and the support of Notify payloads.

Since the Openswan project is currently moving at a very sluggish pace
I decided to base my latest release on both freeswan-2.04 and freeswan-2.05
since I can do the integration against those platforms very easily. With
openswan-2.0.0 this is currently not the case because the integrated
X.509 source code has been mutilated by various #ifdefs so that differential
patches against my code base won't match any more. As soon as the Openswan
team decides to remove those #ifdefs I will be able to provide differential
patches against openswan-2.0.0, too. Otherwise it will be up to the Openswan
team to do the integration of the new features themselves.

x509-1.5.2-freeswan-2.04 runs with the native IPsec stack on a
Linux 2.6.0 kernel. I haven't tested it on 2.6.2 yet.

Kind regards


Alexander Samad wrote:
> Hi
> Okay am I missing something, does this mean that openswan has this or is
> it just freeswan now and then openswan at some time in the future.
> Does this work against 2.6.2 ?
> A
> On Sat, Feb 14, 2004 at 08:56:31PM +0100, Andreas Steffen wrote:
>>Version 1.5.2 of the X.509 patch is now also available for the latest
>>freeswan-2.05 release. x509-1.5.9-freeswan-2.05 can be downloaded from
>>  http://www.strongsec.com/freeswan/
>>Mathieu Lafon's NAT-T patch has also been ported to freeswan-2.05.
>>Kind regards

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