[Openswan Users] SSH Sentinel and Accession

Peter Osterberg Peter_Osterberg at home.se
Fri Feb 13 09:03:08 CET 2004


this might be out of scope for this list but since all the experts on the 
topic are in here I thought it might be worth a shot.

I'm using a USB-memory to store my certificates to enhance security a bit. 
I have selected the device M: as a Software certificate provider in 
Accession, M: is the USB-memory's device name. The certificate i nicely 
imported into Accession once the USB-memory is attached to the computer. 
The certificate also shows up perfectly in Sentinel's Key Managment page. 
The problem I have occurs when I try to add the connection. The certificate 
won't show up in the Authentication Key combo box. I have imported the CA 
certificate to Sentinel so thats not the reasen, certificate is trusted.
Everything works perfectly if I "statically" import the certificate to 
Sentinel, I only have trouble using the certificate when it is reported 
from Accession.

Does anyone have a clue, anything would be welcome!

YES, I do of course use Super FreeSwan on the remote gateway :-)

Peter Osterberg

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