[Openswan Users] Unable to establish VPN connection between windows 2k IPSEC and openswan

Vinay Reddy vinay.reddy at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 29 14:43:08 CET 2004

Hello Gurus,

I am new to openswan VPN and am trying to setup a VPN
connection between w2k and openswan running on
FC3(Fedora core 3). Below is my setup

w2k ---Router ---Router--Linux-- subnet.

I have configured the Linux as described in
http://www.natecarlson.com/linux/ipsec-x509.php. But
IPSEC won't start if I edit ipsec.secrets file and add
the hostkey file and password. 

Please can you help me on this with correct steps to
install both w2k client and linux VPN gateway. 

Thanks in Advance

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