[Openswan Users] DPD broken in dr5...

Jiva DeVoe jiva at ixiacom.com
Mon Dec 20 17:09:39 CET 2004

I believe dpd is broken in dr5... When testing openswan to openswan, I get
the following error:

payload alignment problem please check the code in main_inI1_outR1 (num=1)

A little investigation shows this code as being the culprit:

    /* see if we are doing DPD, and if so, note another vid to send */
    if(st->st_connection->dpd_delay && st->st_connection->dpd_timeout) {

Which conflicts with the initialization of "numvidtosend" here:

    int numvidtosend = 1;  /* we always send DPD VID */

Anyway... Commenting out the above stuff takes care of it...

Patch attached.

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