[Openswan Users] OpenSwan + Openwrt

Graham Bayley graham at thepostoffice.com
Tue Dec 14 22:57:11 CET 2004

Hello all,

Well finally got the linksys to work with Openwrt + OpenSwan and finally the
include x509 certs (thanks to nate carlson!!).  

Thanks to all for making such a great product !

A question:  for a road warrior connection (or several of them)
Could tom dick and harry (being all XP clients) using THE SAME
X509 cert connects to a single definition (conn road) inside the VPN server?

What I find is that when Tom connects (correctly) then Dick connects Tom is
kicked out Then when Harry connects same happens ... there is then a
connection poll from all of them.

So is it best in you expert opinion to have three road warrior definitions 

Conn tom

Conn dick

Conn harry

Or to have one definition that all three use?

Many thanks all !


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