[Openswan Users] Strange Problem with X509 certificates

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Sun Dec 12 20:24:38 CET 2004


by following the excellent document written by Nate Carlson i set up my 
certification authority; i then have generated and signed the host 
certificate and the client certificate. 

In the first Firewall everything works fine and now i can create new 
certificates, revoke someone and Windows roadwarriors connects, by using 
SafeNet High Assurance remote Windows Client. 

I then setup a second gateway, the procedure was the same. The strange thing 
is that i cannot connect: i export the .DER of the CA and import it on the 
Client, i export the PKCS12 certificate and import in the client but the 
connection gives me, server side, an "INVALID ID NOTIFICATION". It seems 
that the Linux IPSEC Gateway does not like the ID that the client  sends. 
The configuration is the same of the first machine. 

Where can i look? 

Thank you, regards. 


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