[Openswan Users] New Draytek Vigor firmware released last week

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Fri Dec 10 11:24:20 CET 2004

See ftp://ftp.draytek.com/VIGOR2500/2.53/RELEASE/FIRMWARE/releasenote.txt

Som items from the release:

     1.2 Improve the VPN performance.(change VPN MTU to 1296).


     2.3 In LAN-LAN profile, the remote VPN server is given as a dyndns-address will not build up issue.
     2.4 Fixing the VPN:L2TP with IPSec policy "Nice to have" and the other side policy is "None" can't build up issue.

     2.7 Fixing the sip passthrough issue.

     2.9 Fixing the Wireless Fragment packet lost in most case.

It does not list the fix for multiple IPsec tunnels for different subnets to the same two ipsec endpoints,
which was fixed in a beta I received from Draytek. I hope this is an error in the readme, not the firmware.


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