[Openswan Users] Compile errors

Ken Bantoft ken at xelerance.com
Thu Dec 9 15:24:31 CET 2004

Starter is not required, as it doesn't work yet.

We've removed it from the default build in shipping version (but its
still there in CVS)

This is a Slackware 10 GCC error, and perhaps one or two other
compilers.  I'm working on a proper fix, but need to finish making
starter usefull first :)


On Mon, 2004-12-06 at 19:09 -0200, Ethy H. Brito wrote:
> Hi All
> A few weeks ago someone talked about 
> > make [2] Entering directory '/usr/src/openswan-2.2.0/programs/starter'
> > parser.l: in function 'parser_y_error':
> > parser.l:61: error: conflicting types for 'yytext'
> > lex.yy.c:483:error: previous declaration of 'yytext'
> > lex.yy.c:in function 'yylex'
> > leaving dir /usr/src/openswan-2.2.0/programs/starter
> under Slackaware 10.
> How can this be corretly addressed? Is 'starter' neccessary? I ask because somebody suggested commenting it out from make file.

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