[Openswan Users] Openswan with X.509 signed by different CAs

WADA Masahiro wadaman at isl.nara.sharp.co.jp
Tue Dec 7 11:27:58 CET 2004

I have one trouble about Openswan with X.509 certificate.
Would you please give me some advice?

I want to connect with IPsec and X.509 certificate
between Openswan and WindowsXP.
When I used two certificates which was signed by same CA,
I could connect correctly.
But when I used them which was signed by different CAs,
I could not connect.

However I could connet between WindowsXP and WindowsXP
using the certificates signed by different CAs.
Furthermore, I could connect between Openswan and Openswan
using them, too.

Does this trouble happen on only my environment?
Are there any solution?
Help me, please.


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