[Openswan Users] Port 3389

Richard Abbuhl rabbuhl at VoCognition.com
Tue Aug 17 01:04:47 CEST 2004

> I had to set the MTU on my Windows XP machine to 1200 in order to get
> RDC to work.  I had tried using overridemtu but it did not work.  Is
> there a way to check that the MTU value that is being used by openswan
> in order to see if overridemtu is actually working?
> Are you using L2TP over IPSec? If so, you can specify the MTU for the
> tunnel, which will likely help the issue.

I am pretty sure that I am not L2TP (my gateway is a linux server with
fedora core 2 that is always connected over an ADSL line).  This MTU
change is needed for Remote Desktop to work but it seems to cause
problems copying large files to my linux server.

Since overridemtu does nothing on 2.6 kernel, I am looking for another
way of specifying an MTU value instead of having to change the network
interface MTU value on my Windows XP machine.



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