[Openswan Users] Error 789

Walker Aumann walkera at ofb.net
Wed Aug 11 10:39:37 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 08:33, Jacco de Leeuw wrote:
> > Logging should be enabled now, but I don't think I'm getting that far.
> There's nothing in the Oakley.log?

It turns out there was:

 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c Obtain WSARecvMsg pointer failed 10045
 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c Obtain WSARecvMsg pointer failed 0
 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c Startup failed. Shutting down
 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c Initialization failed.  Exiting
 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c Wait is done
 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c Before send_deletes
 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c AFter send_deletes
 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c Begin Wait. isadb_clean_socket 0
 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c End Wait. isadb_clean_socket
 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c Begin Wait. isadb_kill_old 0
 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c End Wait. isadb_kill_old
 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c Begin Wait. ActiveRpcCalls 1
 8-11: 09:20:21:635:67c End Wait. ActiveRpcCalls

> > ipseccmd show all lets me know that the RPC server is unavailable, and
> > "net stop policyagent" tells me it could not stop IPSEC services.  "net
> > start policyagent" says they are already running
> Hm, right. Looks like your system is hosed. SP2 has been released recently.
> Perhaps it can fix it?

I guess I'll wait and see.  I only have the one copy of XP, and don't
want to buy another one just to test thing, or figure out if I can
temporarily install the copy I have on another machine.  Guess I skip
the PSK testing phase and go straight to certificates with a fresh Win
2000 box.  

> I don't think File and Print sharing has anything to do with IPsec.
> Generally people switch it off when they connect to the Internet.

Yes, it sounded really bad from a security perspective, but when you
search for "error 1722" and "RPC server is unavailable", the pages you
get back tend to recommend some resource tweaks and making sure that
File and Print Sharing is enabled.

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