[Openswan Users] Problems compiling with XAuth

Marc Spiegelman marc at itu.net
Mon Aug 9 03:47:34 CEST 2004

I'm looking for a stable *nix based Roadwarior VPN solution supporting
auto configuration, User Authentication, a remote authenticator such as
radius, and Nat-T.  I am trying to compile 1.0.7 because the download
page says the 1.x.x tree "is recommended for wide scale deployment" and
"is a solid and well tested codebase" but I'm having a hell of a time
figuring out what to configure to compile it.  The README.XAUTH file
indicates I should uncomment -DXAUTH and -DMODE_CFG in pluto/Makefile.
Unfortunatley, I can't find either of these in the file.  I did find
"#-DMODECFG" (notice the underscore is missing) and the
"#XAUTH_SERVER=1" varable described in the 2.x.x docs.  I've been trying
to find other sources of documentation but the online docs seem to be
written for the version 2.x.x tree and the docs directory only has
instructions about freeswan.  I have no idea what I am supposed to do to
get xauth support.

Can anyone give me some directions for 1.0.7.?

Is the 1.x.x tree still preferable to the 2.x.x tree?
Does anyone have any suggestions to meet the above requirements (auto
configuration, user auth, remote authenticator, and NAT-T) using
something other than xauth?  I want to use a solution that does not have
a whole lot of additional packet overhead.
Is OpenSwan my only alternative or are there any other VPN's I should

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