[Openswan Users] communication problem

Debreczeni Peter dante at dante.hu
Tue Aug 3 14:02:48 CEST 2004


i have a net-to-net ipsec tunnel, ping from net A to net B host is
working, but other protocols not , and i dont know why?
With tcpdump i see the packets , but communications doesn`t working.
When i tried to open a http connection from net A host to net B
web server , i see the packet communication, and it looks like OK.
Net A has an ADSL /PPPoE/ internet , i set the overridemtu lower, but 
nothing happened.
So , i need a little help :)



"If you think technology can solve
your security problems, then you
don't understand the problems and
you don't understand the technology." - Bruce Schneier

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