AW: AW: [Openswan Users] Openswan and Checkpoint AI (R54) withRainwallCluster Software

Michael Richardson mcr at
Mon Apr 19 12:05:08 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Westerhold," == Westerhold, Axel <Axel.Westerhold at> writes:
    Westerhold> :-) ! I am honestly not sure this is covered by any RFC
    Westerhold> or IETF draft. So, I am not saying this has to be
    Westerhold> supported by Openswan. It seems it is not. I will have
    Westerhold> to find a different solution for this problem, maybe
    Westerhold> using a Cisco Pix or putting a Openswan box in one of
    Westerhold> the DMZs.

  It is not covered by IETF RFC.

  MobIKE may define failover, but load balacing is out of scope.

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