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:-) ! I am honestly not sure this is covered by any RFC or IETF draft. So, I am not saying this has to be supported by Openswan. It seems it is not. I will have to find a different solution for this problem, maybe using a Cisco Pix or putting a Openswan box in one of the DMZs.

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On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, Westerhold, Axel wrote:

> Thanks for the quick answer.
> The problem looks like asymmetrical IPsec routing simply because this is
> not a failover solution but a loadbalancing solution. That's why I can
> define a VPN Gateway on Checkpoint and Cisco with more then one IP
> address. That way I can define gateway = VIP,node1,node2. I was
> wondering if this is possible using freeswan.

Not to my knowledge.  Can you give details, like RFCs, IETF drafts, or 
published documentation on this method of loadbalancing?

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